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Udacity Releases School of Cloud Computing Training Programs

Udacity, a leader in online training courses, has released new Cloud Computing nanodegrees as part of their School of Cloud Computing.

These nanodegrees build and demonstrate your expertise in the most used Cloud technologies deployed across companies of all sizes. This includes technologies such as AWS, Kubernetes, and microservices.

Cloud Computing jobs have experienced significant growth

As we’ve covered in our Guide to Cloud Certification, the movement to the cloud is only picking up steam. The technology is maturing and companies are adopting the idea of hosting applications in the cloud. This is leading to a massive increase in job growth and companies are also offering higher salaries for folks with this specialized skill.

Cloud jobs are growing fast. Get a cloud certification today to join the revolution.
Cloud Certification Infographic: Cloud adoption is changing the face of technology careers. Keep up by earning a cloud certification.

Udacity Cloud Developer and DevOps Programs

Udacity’s Cloud Computing nanodegree provides two paths to earning a valuable certification. Which path you choose is going to depend on whether you want to be a Cloud Developer or a Cloud DevOps Engineer.

  • Cloud Developers design and develop secure cloud applications, services, and products. This can include everything from back-end, front-end, web application, full-stack, and cloud application deployment. You will develop cloud-native applications or migrate legacy applications to cloud.
  • Cloud DevOps Engineers optimize, automate, and monitor development pipelines. They focus on ensuring that products and services are delivered smoothly and at scale by building and optimizing cloud architecture and configuration.

If you are a full stack developer and enjoy the work, then Cloud Developer is the path for you. However, if you prefer more management and operational responsibilities, then the Cloud DevOps Engineer would be your best choice.

Cloud Developer vs DevOps Certification
Udacity offers two different Cloud Computing programs to build your expertise


The curriculum for both programs has been crafted with support from experts and thought leaders across several industries. Coming out of these courses, you’ll gain experience with using the technologies used widely across almost any company that’s on the cloud.

The training starts with Cloud Computing basics and builds to more advanced topics. You’ll be ready to hit the ground running at a new job or be able to excel at your current employer as a Cloud Computing expert.

Take advantage of the Udacity Cloud Computing Nanodegree Programs to prepare you for a career as a Cloud Developer or DevOps Engineer.

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